Scaling with Growth

Sometimes a business can become a victim of its own success.  Rapid growth, whether organic, through mergers and acquisitions, or a combination of the two, can often result in a complex and patchworked IT environment that becomes increasingly difficult to manage and change.

Enterprise application integration will help to avoid this complexity by enabling simple, flexible connections that function independently from each other.  By reducing the dependency of back-end communication, organisations can move from reactive to pro-active adoption of new technologies, applications and solutions that increase revenue and drive further growth.


Reduce the complexity of managing larger IT environments and avoid “spaghetti architecture”.


Minimise deployment times for new applications and speed up operational integration from mergers.


Free up valuable resources from repetitive maintenance tasks and focus on creating new business.


Don’t let your IT environment hold you back – easily scale your business to meet your customers’ needs.

Moving Away from Point-to-Point Integration

Point-to-point connections between applications can be used to enable a range of real-time functionality in support of business processes, but require a significant investment in resources and time to produce the custom code for each connection, as well as the ongoing maintenance of those connections.

As the number of applications within an enterprise grows, so too will the number of connections.  If every application needs to communicate with every other, the number of connections required will be (n*(n-1))/2, where n is the number of applications.  An organisation with 10 applications that must communicate with each other will need to build and maintain 45 separate point-to-point connections.

While point-to-point integration can work well on a small scale, growth introduces many challenges in terms of both designing and building new connections, as well as maintaining existing ones.  Application release cycles have become shorter and shorter, but each update requires changes to the custom code and regression testing to ensure the connections still function as desired.

Invenio can help to remove the burden and risk associated with constant maintenance of brittle point-to-point connections, by implementing a simple yet robust integration platform that frees up skilled developers to spend more time working on profitable projects that support further business growth.

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