Integration Strategy

For over 10 years we have been successfully creating well defined integration strategies for companies to create new business value through extended collaboration and enhanced agility.

We understand that integration is more than just a smarter IT architecture. We take a holistic view of the business, its operating environment and future growth plans to assess how IT can drive increased business functionality to outsmart the competition and enable new revenue sources.


Create an agile IT infrastructure that enables rapid innovation and simplifies new technology adoption to provide a competitive edge.


Securely combine disparate data sources and legacy applications to enhance collaboration across the extended enterprise.


Optimise IT resources and business processes through improved information flows and data accessibility to reduce operating costs.


Disrupt traditional modes of business and discover opportunities for new service offerings and revenue streams in today’s digitally-enabled world.

Find new sources of growth

With access to new streamlined information flows and improved business agility, our customers have been able to find new sources of revenue growth through:

  • Development of new innovations that deliver enhanced benefits to customers
  • Leveraging the potential of IoT to create added value
  • Increase revenues from new data sources
  • Fast track new business launches to increase the value chain
  • Develop new partnerships with non-traditional players
  • Facilitate mergers and acquisitions 
  • Optimise IT resources and reduce costs

To innovate faster than your competition, it is essential to become the most agile and responsive organisation possible. Today’s expectation is to generate ground-breaking innovations that create new revenue streams, delivered quickly to an increasingly more demanding audience. Invenio Business Solutions is able to work with your company to ensure success now and in the future.

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