Implementation & Migration

When implementing an integration strategy, whether large or small, there are two key areas that must be understood in detail – the applications to be integrated and the data needed to move between them to support the business objectives.


APIs are wrapped in a layer of security with no direct accessibility, ensuring safe data transfers anywhere.


An API-led integration approach extends application deployment options across on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

Invenio’s maturity in integration practices means we have extensive experience with over 400+ business applications, ranging from core CRM and ERP systems, to specific marketing, reporting and analytics solutions.  This enables us to make better, more informed and more efficient inputs, providing superior results for your business.

Beyond just the applications, we understand the data that really makes them function.  Our extensive expertise in managing data, qualifying the data sources and understanding the requirements and suitability of batch and real-time processing means we create the most efficient integration designs for your infrastructure.

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